HF & P undertook prize-winning work on two buildings in the historic Klein Constantia Estate, five years apart.

Winery (completed 1986)

The work for the winery included assistance in the concept design. The building consists of a basement level built of meticulously detailed brick vaults and a reinforced concrete frame above floor level which supports a steel roof structure. The internal access platforms are elegantly suspended from the roof structure.

Maturation Cellar (completed 1991)

HF & P’s involvement for the 6000 m3 bottled wine Maturation Cellar included full concept design, as well as acting as Principal Agent for the project. Due to the temperature requirements of the cellar and its proximity to the historic manor house, the proposal involved a precast concrete structure in a large excavation to be subsequently buried under ± 2 m of soil. A vaulted precast panel was custom-built and all wall and roof elements were cast on site before being tilted or lifted into position. The internal columns were also precast in a local precasting yard. Unbonded post-tensioned tendons run through the roof elements, ensuring high serviceability under the considerable soil load.

The innovative structural solution resulted in high quality finishes, a majestic aesthetic, minimal running costs and a short construction time. The cost-effectiveness of the concept was tested by allowing alternative tenders; HF & P’s concept produced the cheapest tender by about 8%.

Project Information:


Gabriel Fagan Architects (winery)

Henry Fagan (maturation cellar concpet design)


Eskom Energy Effective Design Award

Architect’s Award of Merit

Fulton Award for excellence in the use of concrete: Building Structures 1991