HF & P were appointed for the design of Hartleyvale Hockey Stadium, commissioned to host the African qualifying tournament for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Less than 10 months were available to complete design, documentation, tender process and construction of the 2000 seater stadium on the slopes of Devil’s Peak. The project also required extensive landscaping on a conservative budget.

A tensile steel structure was designed for the roof membrane, supported by corbelled insitu RC columns which also serve to support the precast concrete raker beams holding up the seating (also precast concrete). These columns are founded on piles, while the office and reception area below are founded on a completely separate raft due to soft ground conditions.

The transparency of the structure allows easy reading of the building and emphasizes the carefully designed details and connections in the various materials used on the project.

Project Information:

Architect: ACG, GAPP

Location: Observatory, Cape Town


Fulton Commendation for Excellence in the Use of Concrete 1998

SAACE (now CESA) Award for Engineering Excellence 1996

Winner of South African Steel Construction Awards 1996